Adopt-A-Pal Previous Winners

Our September 2018 winner was Ella Irvine

Our March 2018 winner was Lilly Harper

Our October 2017 winner was Serena Iyaituk-Boyer

Our June 2017 Winner was Brodie Roberts

Our December 2016 Winner was Annie Iyaituk-Boyer

Our September 2016 Winner was Aum Shah

Adopt a pal May 2016
Our May 2016 Winner was Cameron Orris

Adopt a pal January 2016
Our January 2016 Winner was Rhodes Brown

Jack Crites
Our November 2015 Winner was Jack Crites

Adrian Draw winner
Our July 2015 Winner was Adrian McIntosh

pediatric dentist Cornwall ON and Long Sault
Our May 2015 Winner was Nik Dovas.

Our November 2014 Winner was Kaylin Cayer.

Children's Dental Care Adopt-a-Pal Update
Our November 2013 Winner was Tegan Setterington

Children's Dental Care Adopt-a-Pal Update
Our May 2013 Winner was Kevin Askes

Our February 2013 Winner was Zane Rutley

Our October2012 Winner was Kallahan MacCormick

Our Februrary 2012 winner was Jack Almond

Our October 2011 winner was Macey Dionne

Our April 2011 winner, Tanner Keenan

Our October 2010 Winner is Lexi Cree

Our March 2010 winner is Brooke Delorme.

Zachary Meunier our October 2009 Winner.

Alyssa Seguin is our June 2009 winner.

Our February 2009 winner Noah Raymond

Our October 2008 winner Jennifer Lavallee

Our April 2008 winner Briley Ransom

Our December 2007 winner, Benjamin Woods-Chisolm,

Our September 2007 winner, Laine McMillan.

Congratulations to our winner! Cole Yedema.

Our Christmas 2006 winner of a handmade elephant puppet was Sophie Cornett

September 2006: Joey Beelich

Congratulations to our April 2006 winner! Kamryn Ransom.

December 2005: Cheyenne Jacobs

September 2005: Samuel Handy

March 2005
Madison Kitts, Chelsea Poulin, Alexandra McLennan, and Zachary Jones.

Sara Brisson who won the Koala in December 2004.

Emily Smith-Derouchie who won the Elephant in September 2004.

April 2004: Natasha Leduc

Here’s Amy Taillon being presented with her cuddly new friend. December 2003

Here’s Chantelle Saucier being presented with her cuddly new friend. September 2003

Remember those cuddly stuffed animals we had up for grabs in the Easter draw? Well here they are with their new owners.

April 2003: Lindsey Gibeau, Shelley MacRae (Children’s Program Co-ordinator), Lise Leroux, Matthew Bourassa, and Joshua Seguin

Here’s Mackayla Petrie being presented with her cuddly new friend. December 2002

Here’s Sarah Cuillerier being presented with her cuddly new friend. September 2002

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