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Dental Bridges and Crowns near Morrisburg

dental crowns and dental bridges with a Cornwall dentist MorrisburgDo you have missing or severely damaged teeth? If so, they may be keeping you from enjoying the full range of function that your mouth was meant to have. Biting and chewing can become more difficult. Even speech can change or become more difficult, due to the way that the airflow through your mouth is affected by empty space.

If you suffer from any of these issues, we’ve got solutions for you at our Cornwall dental office, which also serves the Long Sault, Morrisburg, and Ingleside, ON, communities.

Crowns and Dental Replacements

The crown of your tooth is the visible surface. It does all of the biting, chewing, and speaking functions of the tooth, so it’s got to be tough. In fact, the enamel that covers a crown is the hardest substance produced by the human body.

Unfortunately, enamel is not impervious. It can become damaged through decay or injury. When this happens, a dental crown is often the best treatment option.

Crowns are placed over a damaged tooth or attached to the top of a dental implant, allowing the area to once again function as it should. Not only that, but they are individually crafted and colored, so they will fit perfectly and look entirely indistinguishable from the natural teeth surrounding them.

tooth crown dentistry and dental bridges with a Cornwall dentist Ingleside OntarioDental Bridges

If you have multiple missing teeth, a single crown will not be enough. In this case, consider dental bridges. These bridges do what they sound like they should: They actually bridge the gap left by the missing teeth.

Dental bridges are made as a set of one or more consecutive synthetic teeth. These teeth are attached and secured on either side of the gap by a dental crown. Just as with a single crown, these appliances are crafted to precisely match your natural smile.

The Benefits of a Crown or Bridge

First and foremost, you’ll be able to comfortably use your teeth as they were designed to be used. No more difficulty in biting food. No more favoring one side of the mouth unevenly. You can relax and just enjoy the use of your newly-perfect teeth.

Secondly, speaking will become much easier. With no gaps or unusual dental shapes, making the sounds you need to speak clearly will be as easy as it should have been all along.

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