Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Cornwall, ON

root canals for a toothache in Long Sault and Ingleside ONIf you suffer from severe toothaches, especially those deep inside the tooth, you may require a root canal procedure. But don’t let that phrase scare you! Root canals—or endodontic treatments—are actually a conservative alternative to removing and replacing a tooth that has suffered from an internal infection. They are very simple and nothing to fear.

What is a Root Canal?

The phrase root canal actually refers to a structure inside each of your teeth. These canals run through the root of your tooth and house a sensitive, nerve-filled material called pulp.

Sometimes this pulp becomes inflamed or begins to decay, just like a regular cavity. The inflammation and decay require a root canal treatment which, again, is very much like a traditional cavity filling. It just happens a little deeper in the tooth.

When Do I Need a Root Canal?

There are several signs to look for, which may indicate that a root canal treatment is a right choice for you:

  • If you have a strong toothache, especially a very deep one.
  • If a much shallower instance of cavity or decay has been left untreated, and spread deeper into the tooth structure.
  • If a tooth has become broken or damaged, there is a possibility of deeper damage and decay.
  • Extensive work on one tooth can cause it to require a root canal procedure.

How It Will Work

root canal therapy with a Cornwall Dentist near Long SaultA root canal procedure only requires a few simple steps. Just as with a regular filling, the top of the tooth will be opened up. Then a thin, flexible tool is used to clean out the infected material.

After the tooth is good and clean, it is filled with a flexible, biocompatible material. Then it is topped with a custom-crafted dental crown to make it structurally more solid and preserve your bite.

Whether you end up needing a root canal procedure or not, you deserve to live without pain. For any toothaches or other dental discomforts, call our office today in Cornwall, ON.