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bruxism and mouthguards at Cornwall dental office in Cornwall, ON

In today's world, life can get pretty stressful. How you handle stress can directly affect your health - especially your dental health. If you suffer from teeth grinding, or bruxism, either during the day or while you sleep, your teeth and jaw may be suffering. Fortunately, our Cornwall dentist and team can help.


Do you experience sore facial muscles, headaches or earaches, pain in your jaw joints, popping in your jaw joint, jaw locking, or unusually achy or sensitive teeth?

It's not always obvious that tooth grinding and jaw clenching is happening. It often occurs while we are either asleep or focused on stressful things. If you suffer from some of these symptoms, you may be clenching or grinding your teeth without even knowing it.

If you do experience bruxism, your teeth are at risk of extra wear, misalignment, and possible breakage. Some people with severe bruxism may even wake up and not be able to open or close their jaw. On top of all of this, insomnia, eating disorders, and depression have all been correlated to untreated bruxism.


Bruxism is easily traceable to just a few things:

  • Stress: Human bodies carry anxiety, tension, and pain in our muscles. This includes the muscles of our faces, jaws, and necks. Bruxism is a natural side-effect of tense muscles.
  • Body Alignment: Misaligned teeth and general posture can both contribute to bruxism, due to the teeth coming in contact with each other in ways they were not meant to.
  • Habits: Things such as diet and sleep schedule can make a huge difference in both your health and your level of stress.


bruxism and mouthguards at Cornwall dental office in Cornwall, ON

Bruxism is an unconscious habit, and therefore difficult to actively control. This is especially true when you're asleep. If you suffer from bruxism, our Cornwall, ON, dental office is here to help. We'll create an orthodontic appliance, also called a mouthguard or night guard, to help you prevent your teeth grinding.

A mouthguard is an appliance much like something an athlete would wear. Bruxism sufferers wear this mouthguard while sleeping. Its purpose is to stop your upper and lower teeth from touching. If your teeth do not touch, you cannot grind them. It will also distribute pressure, in order to reduce tension from clenching.

There are several options for mouthguard types. Our Cornwall dentists and team are ready to answer any questions and help you choose will work best for your needs. We offer large, adjustable mouthguards and small, clip-on style (NTI) appliances that fit over top front teeth. Those are just two of the ways to customize your bruxism treatment. Our office can help you come up with a personalized plan.

You deserve jaw relief and healthy facial muscles. If you suffer from bruxism, call us today!

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