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teeth whitening at Cornwall dental office in Cornwall, ON

Many of us have seen a brilliant smile that taught us the true meaning of breathtaking. A first impression like that is priceless, but also seems unattainable to most of us.

We have great news! That extra brilliance can be yours with a trip to Cornwall dentist, Dr. Deneka in Cornwall, ON.

The single most common cosmetic dentistry procedure is teeth whitening. Over time, foods, tobacco, illness, and even some medications can begin to stain your enamel. Peroxide whitening is an effective and safe way to eliminate these stains.


Most teeth whitening systems use a peroxide-based formula. When exposed to the air and water in your mouth, hydrogen peroxide breaks down into its component parts: water and oxygen. The oxygen molecules sink deep into the staining on your teeth, where they react with the stain molecules.

Even store-bought whitening products work this way. The single greatest difference between those methods and our take-home treatment trays is the peroxide ratio in the formula. As a professionally prepared treatment, we can offer you high peroxide percentages, and therefore stronger whitening.

We will provide custom-shaped mouth trays to hold this tooth bleaching gel, which you will apply to your teeth at your convenience. If you use these trays nightly as directed, stains will begin to disappear.The initial treatment run lasts about two weeks, after which you can use your custom trays reinvigorate and upkeep your smile's brilliance.

This entire process offers you the convenience of over-the-counter treatment with the professionally effective results of in-office whitening.

We are happy to offer this teeth whitening system to all of our patients in the Cornwall, Long Sault, Morrisburg, and Ingleside areas in Ontario. Give us a call at our Cornwall dental office today so that we can bring you a glowing, beautiful smile.

zoom teeth whitening at Cornwall dental office in Cornwall, ON

ZOOM® Teeth Whitening

The Zoom!® teeth whitening system is known for its speed. It is considered to be one of the fastest teeth whitening systems available and it was designed to fit into patients’ busy schedules.

Zoom!® is both an in-office and at-home teeth whitening option. If administered in office Zoom!® teeth whitening can make your teeth look eight shades brighter in one hour. If you select the at-home option, your teeth can look three shades brighter in only three days. During a Zoom!® teeth whitening session, we apply a tooth whitening gel containing hydrogen peroxide to each tooth. Laser light is then shone on the teeth; this causes the hydrogen peroxide to break down, letting oxygen into the teeth and whitening them.

Contact us today to book your Zoom® Teeth Whitening session!

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